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Our Story...

What began some 6 years ago to provide a free hot lunch in a dignified setting has blossomed.

We now also offer household goods, bedding and clothing to our homeless and needy at no cost.

The dream has always been to one day have a facility where we could also offer full-time transitional housing. That day is here! On April 1st, Lord willing, we take possession of what was the Northcare/Eagle Ridge facility here in Guthrie Oklahoma.

Introducing HopeHouse! This facility comes with a fully equipped commercial kitchen; 22 furnished resident rooms with full baths; a dozen semi-furnished offices and various common areas and meeting rooms. This is a 17,000 plus square feet property and Northcare has very graciously offered us a five (5) year lease.

Along with the transitional housing, we will eventually be able to offer associated services; AA, NA, general counseling, budgeting, employment transition, etc.


We are in the midst of two fundraising efforts and would prayerfully request your support.

Our first effort is to raise $3,000.00 which will allow us to open the doors, turn on the utilities and purchase cleaning and office supplies.

Secondly, we are launching the 300 Club! Members of the 3oo Club agree to donate at least $10 a month to help sustain our mission. As we grow, our financial needs will also grow and we trust that with the continued support of our friends and community those needs will be met.

Things you should know....

1. We have NO paid staff. We are volunteer-operated under the guidance of our visionary board of directors, and managed by our director of daily operations. 

2. Our donors and their contributed amounts will NOT be shared for any reason.

3. We have in the last 30 days grown from an average of 80 hot meals a day to 120, give or take, and we anticipate that number to continue increasing, at least temporarily.

Finally, we are a 501c-3 non-profit and your contributions are tax deductible.

Our website will be up and running shortly with donation capabilities.

For now, your mailed donation would be joyously welcomed!

Make your check payable to NHD and mail to PO BOX 491 GUTHRIE OK 73044. For questions or additional information, please email us at  

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